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“The Victory Dance”

“I will sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously;

he has hurled both horse and rider into the sea.”

Exodus 15:1

What a celebration…the Israelites’ enemy had just drowned in the Red Sea, in the exact spot where these former slaves had walked on dry ground. No wonder they danced! Every beat of their tambourines told the story of God’s almighty hand of deliverance.

But wait a minute, why did those people deserve God’s help? Weren’t they the ones who blamed Moses for their dilemma… and weren’t they the ones who said, “Let us alone…it’s better to be slaves?” Why should God feel sorry for them?

We tell ourselves the same lie…we don’t deserve God’s deliverance, because we made a mistake or because we didn’t trust enough. So, we declare ourselves NOT worthy. However, let’s listen to the truth the Israelites sang that day, “The Lord is MY strength…this is MY God…with YOUR unfailing love you lead the people you redeemed.” Deliverance did not come to the Israelites because they earned it. Deliverance came because they belonged to a God of unfailing love! He was THEIR God and they were HIS children.

God’s deliverance will never come as the result of my performance. But without a doubt, I can celebrate a victory dance every day because He is MY God, and His unfailing love will deliver me…just because I am HIS!


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