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“Use What You Got!”

“The Lord said to Moses, ‘Take your staff, the one you used when you struck the

water of the Nile…Strike the rock and water will gush out.’”

Exodus 17:5-6

Since God can do anything, why not simply demand water to flow? Why use a shepherd’s staff?

I remember crying out to God as we began our very first fund raising campaign for Uganda. What did Ron and I have to offer? We were young, inexperienced, and at that time had no jungle stories to tell! But God reminded us of Moses’ staff…when he obediently threw it down, miracles happened. “What do you have in your hand?” God asked us. We could sing worship songs together…so we laid that small talent before the Lord. Amazingly, everywhere we went, as we sang, people gave! We experienced miracles that landed us in Uganda in record time!

Yes, God alone can perform miracles anytime, anywhere, but it’s His desire that we experience the joy of TOGETHER miracles! God uses what HE’s got…all power in heaven and earth…and He asks us to do the same, use what WE got. Our abilities may seem insignificant, but when what God’s got is added to what we got, it equals a powerful team!

Later in this same chapter, the Israelites defeated their enemy in battle, but only while Moses held up to God what he had in his hand. Miracles can be mine as well, if I keep on surrendering what I got to the One whose got it all!


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