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“When You Become Aware”

“When they become aware of their sin, they must bring an offering for their sin…

Through this process, the priest will purify the people, making them right with the Lord,

and they will be forgiven.”

Leviticus 4:28, 31

When God gave us a free will, He knew we could choose to go our own way rather than His. So God made sure to have a plan in place that would restore us back to Himself…all because God wanted relationship!

God spelled out His loving plan for relationship in the book of Leviticus. Multiple times in chapters 4-6 we find these words, when you become aware of your sin, always followed by instructions for making a specific sacrifice. It didn’t matter whether the person had sinned intentionally or unintentionally, if they obeyed God’s instructions, they received a reward so important it’s repeated ten times…and they will be forgiven. In other words, they were restored to relationship!

Jesus’ similar plan works today…when I become aware of my sin and confess it to Him, I will be forgiven! I’m intrigued that God did not say, “IF you become aware,” but WHEN…” God knows we are not perfect, but He also knows that we WILL become aware of those things in our lives that hinder our relationship with Him. Why? Because HE put His Spirit within us to cause that awareness! What an amazing, loving plan…all because God wants relationship with me!

Lord, I never want my junk to hinder our relationship…

so please help me become aware more quickly!


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