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“Who Do I Consult?”

“So the Israelites examined their food, but they did not consult the Lord.”

Joshua 9:14

My heart always sinks when I read this story about the Israelites believing the the Gibeonites…without even consulting GOD! Then I look around today and realize, we too consult everyone BUT God!

Like the Israelites, how often I have examined bread on my own. I know more than once I have rushed into projects, without first consulting GOD. And I know those rush jobs caused untold messes because I trusted my own analysis!

The power of any investigation lies in the credentials of the one conducting it. Credentials must include (1) knowledge of the field, (2) working experience in that field, and (3) the ability to see beyond what lies on the table. Of course, the larger the view, the more powerful the credential.

If GOD had been consulted about the Gibeonites, His credentials would have been impeccable: (1) God had knowledge of their address, (2) God had experience working with liars, and (3) God’s viewpoint was from His throne in heaven!

On the other hand, the Israelites had no credentials whatsoever except what their human eyes saw…dry bread and worn-out clothing, and what their human ears heard…lies. The Israelites' credentials failed that day, the same way ours fail! Only GOD knows all, only GOD has experienced all, and only GOD sees all. Those credentials give reason enough to consult GOD…every time!


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