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“Whose Voice Will I Trust?”

“But you all came to me and said, ‘First, let’s send out scouts to explore the land for us. They will advise us on the best route to take and which towns we should enter.’”

Deuteronomy 1:22

Coming down a dark, foggy Alaskan mountain road with a carload of teenagers, Ruth Sommers suddenly heard a Voice, “Stop!” When the kids got out to investigate, fifteen feet ahead they discovered the bridge over a deep gully was washed out! There were no warning signs on the ground, but Someone above saw danger ahead and protected His kids!

In Moses’ narrative, notice the people thought the scouts could advise them on the best route to take.” Moses pleaded with them to follow the right Voice! It was GOD who cared for them like a Father, HE found their best places to camp in the wilderness. HE guided them day and night with His Cloud. From the Cloud, God could see what lay ahead. The scouts could only speak of what they viewed on the ground below, but God spoke from His view, the Cloud above!

When I face the unknown, I can listen to voices of those who have been there, done that. But are they able to see what lies ahead? Nobody in my mother-in-law’s car saw the danger lurking in the darkness. They needed the Voice from a higher perspective.

So, when it comes to my future, whose voice will I trust…

the voices on the ground, or the Voice from the Cloud?


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