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“Why Are You Standing Here?”

“Come and stay with us, you who are blessed by the Lord! Why are you

standing here outside the town when I have a room all ready for you

and a place prepared for the camels?”

Genesis 24:31

Abraham had sent his servant to find a wife for his son, Isaac. God answered the servant’s prayer when Rebekah came to the well and watered his camels. Excited, Rebekah ran home to tell her family about the man at the well, and some time later her brother returned with this question, “Why are you standing here…?” Provisions had already been made in their home to take care of all of the servant’s needs!

Years later during the famine in Genesis 42, Jacob uttered the same words to his sons when he heard there was grain in Egypt, “Why are you standing around…?” Jacob did not know at the time, but God had already sent his son Joseph ahead for this purpose. Provisions had already been made to preserve their very lives!

The only other time we see that question in scripture is in Acts chapter one. When Jesus ascended into heaven, the angel said to the puzzled disciples, “Why are you standing here staring…? Jesus had promised they would receive power from the Holy Spirit. Again, provisions had already been made, they had only to believe!

So why do I stand around wondering about my future?

According to God’s word, provisions for my every need have already been made!

"Lord, help me believe!"


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