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“Will Somebody Believe?”

“Some of Ham’s descendants had been living in that region. But during the reign of King Hezekiah of Judah, these leaders of Simeon invaded the region and completely destroyed the homes of the descendants of Ham…No trace of them remains today…”

1 Chronicles 4:40-41

If you’ve watched strongholds of the enemy plague your family for years, the history behind this story should be of great encouragement.

The enemies the Simeon leaders destroyed were Amalekites, the people who had attacked the Israelites in the desert soon after they crossed the Red Sea. God had enabled Joshua to win the battle that day but ordered that the Amalekites should be totally destroyed for their cruelty to HIS people. Before his death, Moses reminded the Israelites to be sure and destroy the Amalekites, but it was over 400 years before God sent King Saul to carry out His plan. However, Saul disobeyed, and the Amalekites continued to occupy Israel’s land another 300 years!

Finally, someone in the Israelite family took action! After seven hundred years of Amalekite harassment, the Simeon brothers rose up and defeated the enemy who had harassed the family way too long. At last, the Simeon tribe LIVED in the abundance their Father had originally intended.

It’s NEVER too late to take back what the enemy has stolen from your family. No matter how many years he has harassed your children, your siblings, your cousins, your nieces and nephews, NOW is the time to act! Someone in the family must believe God’s promises and tell the enemy, “Enough! This land belongs to us—you have to go!”

Will YOU be that person in your family?


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