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“An Infant’s Praise”

“The leading priests and teachers of religious law…heard even the children in the Temple shouting, ‘Praise God for the Son of David.’ But the leaders were indignant… Jesus replied, ‘Haven’t you ever read the scriptures? For they say, ‘You have taught children and infants to give you praise.’”

Matthew 21:15-16

In 1974 an invitation to pastor a church in a place I did not want to live, sent me straight to my knees. In front of our old green sofa with Amy snuggled beside me, the long soul-battle began. But when I finally said, “Yes Father, I’ll go wherever YOU want,” an amazing miracle unfolded.

Amy was six months old at the time, and even though she HAD been an avid jabberer, her little voice had been silent for several weeks—so silent, I was concerned! However, that morning, the very moment I released my will to God’s, Amy began to jabber! My mouth dropped open in shock, absolutely elated to hear her speak again!

But then, Amy fixed her little blue eyes on mine, and her tiny face filled with expression as she continued jabbering to her stunned mother. She wasn’t uttering phrases—Amy was jabbering in sentences! Just when I thought she was finished, she’d take another breath and keep right on talking!

I have no idea how long I listened that morning. But somewhere my feelings shifted from wonder to worship when I realized that Amy’s words were not only blessing my heart—they were touching the very heart of God!

God taught my infant to give HIM praise

and when I surrendered, He let me listen too!


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