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“Cut Off”

“But those who neglect to celebrate the Passover at the regular time…

will be cut off from the community of Israel.”

Numbers 9:13

God emphasized the importance of the Passover by stating an unthinkable consequence: if they did not celebrate with the community they would be cut off from the community. By not celebrating their deliverance from bondage, a person would show ungratefulness and actual contempt for the mighty miracle GOD had done.

I also share miracles with a family of Believers. By faith in Jesus I was given freedom from my sin as well as a new community in which to live. However, if I ever start trusting my own way more than God’s…if I ever lose the joy of celebrating my salvation with His community, then my ungrateful heart will land me in a barren place, all alone.

Imagine being one of those Israelites, cut off from community in the middle of a desert. How would they survive outside the camp? Daily manna was supplied INSIDE the camp…fellowship of the family was INSIDE the camp…light, heat, and security came from the Cloud of God’s presence OVER the camp. To be cut off from community meant dying a slow, agonizing death!

If I think I can go it alone, I too will die a slow death…Not because God cut me off, but because my own attitude will separate me from the life that only flows from God and HIS community!


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