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“Everyone in Their Place”

“Call forward the tribe of Levi, and present them to Aaron the priest to serve as his assistants.

They will serve Aaron, and the whole community, performing their sacred duties

in and around the Tabernacle.”

Numbers 3:6-7

Yesterday we saw how God made a way for everyone to belong, but He also covered their other basic need…to have value or purpose. The Levites felt value or worth when they were given a responsibility. And again, like we saw yesterday, it was according to their family or clan, each man was assigned his task and told what to carry. (4:49)

I see nothing in these passages that would indicate one task was better than another. Each was equally important and equally necessary. If every Levite did their task well, not only would the Tabernacle be clean, but it would successfully be carried to the next camping place. And THAT was no small task, considering over ten ton of materials had been used in the Tabernacle’s construction! (Ex. 38) Impossible for a few men and impossible without machines! But when the 8,580 Levites worked TOGETHER, each man would have carried only one kilo!

I notice too, the Levites were assistants to the priests, and their duties were sacred. Likewise, when I belong to GOD’s family, I too have value and purpose. Every duty God assigns me is sacred. When I am faithful to perform that sacred task, I’m not only assisting THE Priest, but TOGETHER with others in the Family, we carry God’s presence to every place we move!


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