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“Has My Arm Lost Its Power?”

“Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘Has my arm lost its power?

Now you will see whether or not my word comes true!’”

Numbers 11:23

In the middle of a desert, God told Moses the Israelites would eat meat for a whole month! Moses’ response screamed unbelief! Even if they butchered all their animals or caught all the fish in the sea, it would not be enough to feed these millions! Then God simply asked, “Has my arm lost its power?”

God knew that for Moses to have faith for what God was going to do, he needed a playback of what God had already done! God’s question most likely jogged Moses’ memory: how God brought down his fist on Egypt and raised His powerful hand to bring the Israelites out…how the finger of God filled Egypt with gnats and the hand of the Lord struck all their livestock…how God told His people to forever celebrate the day He brought them out with the power of His mighty hand and to always tell their children that with a strong hand the Lord rescued them.

Moses had personally experienced all that power from God’s hand…He simply needed to remember! My husband often says, “The biggest factor in unbelief is a lousy memory.” So, the next time you wonder if God’s arm has lost its power, start recalling all the miracles God has already done for you, and I guarantee you will soon have faith for more!


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