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“Listen for the Trumpets”

“…The trumpets will remind the Lord your God of his covenant with you.

I am the Lord your God.”

Numbers 10:10

The Israelites not only needed to watch the Cloud, they needed to listen for the trumpets. Silver trumpets were blown for important occasions: to call the community to assemble, to signal the break-up of camp, at the time of enemy attack, and during the monthly festivals. Trumpet calls enabled community life…coming together, moving together, fighting together, and rejoicing together.

However, the power of each gathering was in Who attended. The call to assemble brought people to the Tabernacle where GOD dwelt. When it was time to move, HIS Presence lead the way. When enemies attacked, God said HE would rescue them. And when the people rejoiced, GOD was the center of each celebration. Every call was about coming together with GOD as their Leader, their Conqueror, and the very Center of their lives.

The trumpets’ call reminded God of His covenant with Israel, His covenant of relationship. God makes that same covenant today. We may not hear a silver trumpet, but if we listen intently to The Word, His call to relationship will be clear. Whether to assemble, move forward, do warfare, or rejoice, we do not want to miss the call to act together with God and His people.

So, let us keep our eyes focused on His Cloud

And our ears tuned to His Call!


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