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“Reduced to Starvation”

“So the Israelites were reduced to starvation by the Midianites.

Then the Israelites cried out to the Lord for help.”

Judges 6:6

Reduced to starvation…because once again, God’s people had done evil in the Lords’ sight. Instead of getting rid of their enemies, they married their daughters and worshipped their idols! The result…enemy cruelty, crops stolen, and their land stripped bare.

“But we would NEVER act like that!” However, we don’t realize the power of an unseen enemy among us called pride. If we fail to run him out, he will so subtly deceive our hearts that we will worship another god without even realizing it!

Just suppose pride persuades me that I do not need anyone’s help, so I slack off reading God’s Word and getting together with His people. Then pride makes me doubt that God understands me, so I begin listening to other voices, including my own. Then pride convinces me that I know best, so I stop trusting God’s way and go off on my own!

Then one day I finally wake up and realize…I am starving…I have been stripped bare! Pride stole my health and replaced it with pain. Pride stole my caring friends and replaced them with cruel enemies. And worst of all, pride stole relationship with my loving Father and tricked me into worshipping an idol…ME!

Father, please help me conquer pride, so I am never “reduced to starvation!”


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