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“While they were at Hazeroth, Miriam and Aaron criticized Moses…

‘Has the Lord spoken only through Moses? Hasn’t he spoken through us, too?’

But the Lord heard them…the Lord was very angry with them.”

Numbers 12:1-2, 9

The many stories of God’s anger may sound harsh. However, there seems to be a common thread that runs through each scenario…rejection. Since relationship is God’s highest priority, then any action that resembles rejection of relationship would of course cause hurt and anger, just as it does in our human relationships.

The Israelites had rejected God’s miraculous deliverance…they wanted to go back to Egypt. They rejected His provision of manna…they wanted meat. Through their actions, God said they rejected the Lord who was among them. So, by rejecting His deeds, they had rejected God Himself.

As if that was not enough, Aaron and Miriam then rejected Moses, GOD’s spokesman, the one He called MY servant. God described their relationship by saying they spoke face to face, and that Moses saw God as He is. No wonder God felt angry…someone dared to complain about HIS special treasure!

God’s anger toward rejection is not evil; it springs from a heart that wants relationship more than anything else. If God did NOT respond to rejection with anger, it would prove that relationship means nothing to Him.

Oh God, thank you for Your deliverance, Your provision, and Your presence in my life…

May I never cause you anger by rejecting this precious gift of relationship You have given me!


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