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“Relationship – Family Style”

“They were registered by families—all the men of Israel who were twenty years old or older…

Each tribe of Israel will camp in a designated area with its own family banner.”

Numbers 1:45

God’s desire for relationship that we have been witnessing since Genesis is now beautifully exemplified in the opening chapter of Numbers.

God had called Abram to birth a new family. Centuries later, God set that family free from slavery to finally give them the land He had promised their ancestors. Today, we find that same family camped in the wilderness, arranged in a model that exhibits relationship between God and man.

Organizing millions of nomads in the middle of a desert could have been an overwhelming task, but notice God gave instructions to group everyone into families. Each man was registered by family…groups of families became a tribe…each tribe was assigned a place to camp…and over each tribe flew a family banner. Family played a major role in God’s style!

Ponder with me this amazing sight…the tribes of Israel arranged in stunning order with family banners waving in the breeze. Then look closer…what stands at the very center of those family tents? GOD’s Tent, along with the hovering Cloud of HIS Presence. There’s absolutely no doubt, GOD wanted to be the center, the core, the very heart of His treasured family.

God made a special plan to live in the center of the Israelite family.

So, does He not have the same plan for mine?


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