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“Retirement Guards”

“After retirement they may assist their fellow Levites by serving as guards at the Tabernacle,

But they may not officiate in the service. This is how you must assign duties to the Levites.”

Numbers 8:26

If your energy tank is nearly empty, while your experience tank is nearly full, be encouraged. Your loving Creator designed a plan for your whole life that does not expire when you retire.

The plan God outlined for older Levites spared them from heavy labor, but lovingly gave them purpose…to serve as guards in the Tabernacle. Could there be a job more special…protecting what is sacred, guarding against unclean intrusions, and watching over people as they worship?

One of my favorite activities is to sit at the feet of an elder and ask them to tell me stories about their life. Today’s verse was written by a God who keeps those stories in His heart, because He was present for every step. So, His retirement plan ensures those elders have opportunity to pass on the wisdom HE bestowed in their hearts along the way.

I wonder if perhaps there were times at the Tabernacle when people needed a listening ear or counsel for a problem. The priests may have been too busy offering sacrifices, but standing close by were older guards, ready to pass on wisdom from their bountiful storehouse.

Guarding God’s presence, His Word, and His people…

a seriously needed role in our churches today…

Let us listen closely to those older guards who are standing close by!


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