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“Rise Like the Sun”

“Lord…may those who love you rise like the sun in all its power!”

Judges 5:31

This final crescendo of Deborah’s victory song made me stop and wonder, “I love the Lord…but how could I ever rise like the sun in all its power?”

I pondered…the power of the sun shows up even before its face appears on the horizon. In the early morning hours, its rays chase the darkness away and replace it with the warmth and security of light. As the hours of the day increase, so does the heat of the sun. And even though it disappears from view each evening, we know the sun will faithfully return the next morning.

I reflected…in reality, God’s Light existed before He created the sun…God’s Light changes the world…And God’s Son IS the Light of the world.

I concluded…when I love and obey God, I walk in the light of the Son. (1 John 1:7) So, it is HIS light that rises up in all its power to perform miracles…through me! The SON’s power dispels people’s dark fears and replaces them with the security of HIS love, a love that grows stronger by the hour. So, even when the Son seems to disappear in our darkest night, we know that HE will rise again, with fresh power every morning.

The Son WILL rise in all HIS power and do miracles through those who love Him!


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