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“Set Apart”

“For all the firstborn males among the people of Israel are mine…

I set them apart for myself on the day I struck down all the firstborn sons of the Egyptians.”

Numbers 8:17

On the night that all the firstborn of Egypt died, God spared the lives of the firstborn sons of Israel and set them apart for Himself. Now a year later, upon completion of the purification process,

the Levites were dedicated to serve in the Tabernacle in the place of the firstborn sons.

What intrigues me is the specific day God chose to claim the Israelite sons as His own…Passover day. The same day God struck down the firstborn sons of Egypt, the firstborn sons of Israel were redeemed from death and given life, all because the blood of a Passover lamb was on their doorposts.

God always had one purpose for mankind…that every person would be set apart for relationship with Him. So once again years later, God chose the Passover as the time to throw the relationship door wide open. Instead of the traditional yearly sacrifice, Jesus became the Passover Lamb for all time and for all people. Now, anyone who agrees to the cleansing of HIS blood, on that very day is set apart for an abundant life of freedom…a life far beyond the imagination of those first-born sons of Israel!

Father, thank you for setting me apart for relationship with You…I am forever grateful!


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