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“Showcasing God’s Character”

“After they had crossed the lake, they landed at Gennesaret. When the people recognized Jesus, the news of his arrival spread quickly throughout the whole area, and soon people were bringing all their sick to be healed.”

Matthew 14:34-35 NLT

When Ron and I land in a new country, we’re often met by someone who has never seen us before. The only way they recognize who to pick up is by a photo they’ve been given.

When Jesus first landed in Gennesaret, I wonder how those people recognized Him? Since there were no cameras, where did they get a picture of what Jesus looked like? Evidently, somebody had encountered Jesus elsewhere and described Him so well that when Jesus stepped into that town, the people recognized Him!

Since creation, God has longed for people to recognize Him. Through His Spirit, God is still stepping into people’s lives, even today. But sadly, most of them don’t recognize it’s GOD pursuing them because they’ve never seen a true picture of Him!

Opportunities to showcase God’s beautiful creation are often called photo ops, so why not look for photo ops to showcase God’s loving character? Instead of judging people for their lifestyles, why not show them snapshots of GOD by modeling HIS grace? Instead of leaving people alone in their darkest times, why not show them an album of God’s LOVE by walking with them through those valleys?

If we take advantage of every photo op to SHOW what GOD is like,

Perhaps next time God steps into our neighbors’ lives, they will recognize Him!


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