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“Some People”

Some people brought to Jesus a paralyzed man on a mat. Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the paralyzed man, ‘Be encouraged, my child! Your sins are forgiven.’”

Matthew 9:2 NLT

The definition of being paralyzed, makes me think of millions of people in our world today. Their symptoms may not be physically visible, and yet the chaos and pain of life has left them with partial or complete loss of the ability to feel or voluntarily move. They simply exist day after day in a helpless state, powerless to act, powerless to change.

Fortunately, the paralyzed man in this story received help when he could not help himself. No names are mentioned, no special degrees praised, just some people brought a paralyzed man to Jesus. But when they brought him, Jesus saw more than paralysis—He saw faith. And because of some people’s faith, the helpless paralytic was totally healed!

So, what about people around us who are paralyzed by life? We may have nothing to give, but we know Who does! We may assume their paralysis is too advanced to be cured, but we have faith in the Healer. The problem is paralyzed people can’t get to Jesus on their own—they need some people to help them!

Every time you and I tenderly care for paralyzed people with Jesus’ love, we bring them closer to their Healer! And one day, another paralyzed person will hear Jesus say, “Be encouraged, MY child!”

Let’s be some people who bring the paralyzed closer to their Healer today!


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