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“Stop Your Whining!”

“You were whining, and the Lord heard you when you cried, ‘Oh, for some meat!

We were better off in Egypt!’…For you have rejected the Lord, who is here among you,

and you have whined to him…”

Numbers 11:18, 20

How many times have we heard a parent say to their child, “Stop your whining!” God certainly could have said that to His kids whining at their tents.

God had delivered those children from bondage, but now they wanted to go back! He had provided manna for them to eat, but they wanted something different! Sorry to say, I’ve whined in the same way. When God provided a house for us, I whined that it wasn’t my choice! When He opened a door of ministry, I whined because I thought it was not our type!

Whining reveals my heart attitude. I complain because I think I know better! Just as a constant squeak hurts the ears of those nearby, so the continuous whines of my bitter soul hurt the heart of the One by my side. God lived with His kids. It was HIS heart that hurt and HIS love that was rejected.

Just think, the Israelites were only a few days from entering the land of milk and honey, and yet they dared to whine for the food of Egypt! I too could possibly be only a few steps from a new promised land…

So, I can either stand at my tent door whining or I can pick up my pace toward victory!


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