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“The Test of Trust”

“Jesus asked, ‘How much bread do you have?’ They replied, ‘Seven loaves and a few small fish.”

Matthew 15:34 NLT

Jesus had just informed His disciples that thousands of hungry people needed to be fed. But when the disciples wondered where they could get enough food, Jesus asked the million-dollar question—How much bread do YOU have?

Of course, Jesus already knew the answer to His question, and He also knew the miracle He was about to perform. But Jesus not only wanted the disciples to recognize their little compared to the many people; He wanted to see what the disciples would do with their little.

Before we can “feed the hungry” in our world, it’s good to take stock of what we have—not to mourn our little, but to realize how much we need His big! Jesus doesn’t intend that we see our little and fear, but that we see our little and trust.

So, when I survey the people around me who need the Bread of Life and then survey what I have to give, I’m left with a choice: either give up, knowing my little is not enough, or give up my little to Jesus, trusting HIM to make it more than enough!

“How much bread do YOU have?”

It’s not a test of amount—it’s a test of trust!


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