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“Wear Your Own Shoes”

“After that generation died, another generation grew up who did not acknowledge the Lord

or remember the mighty things he had done for Israel.”

Judges 2:10

Remember as a child trying on your parents’ shoes? You clomped around the house feeling so big. But when you wanted to run freely, you had to wear your own shoes!

The Israelites had served the Lord while Joshua’s generation was alive, those who had seen all the great things the Lord had done for Israel. (2:7) But the children following that generation had only heard stories of God’s miracles. Their experiences, on the contrary, included failing to drive out the enemy and living among idol worshippers.

Sadly, this new generation had only clomped around in their parents’ experiences with God, but never ran freely in their own. When their parents’ shoes did not seem to fit, they abandoned the God of their ancestors and went after other gods, ending up in total disaster (v. 11-13).

GOD did not create one-size-fits-all journeys. Of course, we can try on our parents’ experiences, but God never intended we wear those shoes for life! As children we trusted our earthly parents to provide the right shoes for us. Now our Heavenly Father calls each of us to come to HIM as a child so He can fit our feet with shoes that are perfect size…shoes of relationship.

God wants you to run freely…

…In your own shoes, the ones HE designed just for you!


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