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“Why Let Criticism Stop Me?”

But some of the teachers of religious law said to themselves, ‘That’s blasphemy! Does he think he’s God?’”

Matthew 9:3 NLT

Of course, Jesus was God! And He had just witnessed the faith of some people who believed GOD could heal a paralytic. BUT some teachers of religion didn’t like the words Jesus used, so they criticized Him.

Unfortunately, there was a BUT attached to nearly everything Jesus said or did. In fact, in this chapter alone, it wasn’t only His words people criticized. Jesus befriended sinners, BUT He was criticized for eating with scum. Jesus cast out demons BUT was accused of being empowered by Satan.

Sound familiar? How often have you been criticized for simply trying to help people receive God’s miracles? The strongest opposition seems to come from those more concerned about religion than relationship; more concerned about following rules than helping people. The critics seem to think their way is THE right way and pridefully judge anyone who thinks or acts differently.

BUT look at Jesus—He not only had power over demons, sickness, and death; He had power over criticism! No matter how many times He was criticized, it NEVER stopped His miracles! Jesus heard criticism every day, BUT He didn’t focus on it! Criticism neither detoured Him nor blinded Him, because Jesus focused on His purpose—to give His life for the sake of others.

Criticism never stopped Jesus!

By His power, why should it stop me?


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