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“Choice Meat”

“So the cook brought in the meat and placed it before Saul. ‘Go ahead and eat it,’ Samuel said. 'I was saving it for you even before I invited these others!’ So Saul ate with Samuel that day.”

1 Samuel 9:24

The day before, God had told Samuel that He would send a man to him, and Samuel was to anoint that man as Israel’s first king. (v. 16) Evidently, Samuel had no doubt about God’s message, because he asked the ones preparing the worship feast to set aside the finest cut of meat for the guest of honor. (v. 23) Samuel admitted that he had saved that special meat for Saul even BEFORE he had invited the other people!

Saving meat for someone he had never met--how could Samuel have such faith in a Voice? But consider, Samuel first heard God’s voice when he was a young child in the Tabernacle, and that God continued to give messages to him throughout his life. By the time Samuel met Saul, he was an old man, but one who had been hearing God’s voice for decades!

Recognizing a voice takes experience. Samuel didn’t know God’s voice at first, and even when he learned to recognize it, he could have either listened to God or ignored Him. That is our choice as well. God is speaking all the time, but do we recognize and listen, or do we ignore?

Today your Father invites you to be a special guest at His table.

In fact, He has saved choice meat just for YOU!


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