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“Downward Spiral”

“…Since you have rejected the Lord’s command, he has rejected you as the king of Israel.”

1 Samuel 15:26

Saul began well because God was with him. (10:7) But look at the steps Saul took that led him further and further away from that relationship: Saul…

13:9 – Did not wait but offered the sacrifice himself.

14:24, 44 - Made a foolish oath and would have killed his own son to save face.

15:9 – Instead of destroying the enemy, saved their plunder for himself.

15:12-21 – Built a monument to himself, lied, blamed others, and made excuses.

16:14 – Was tormented by depression and fear.

Ch 18-19 – Lived only to murder David.

Ch 19-23 – Was concerned only about himself.

20:33 – Tried to kill his own son.

22:11-19 – Lost regard for anything holy and killed 85 priests and their families!

22:7-9, 13 – Imagined lies.

28:5 – At death, was frantic with fear

Today’s verse describes the beginning of this slippery spiral--Saul rejected what GOD wanted and replaced it with what HE wanted. The highest cost of that selfishness was not losing the kingdom but losing the relationship--God turned away from Saul. (18:12)

If I decide I do not need God anymore, that I can do life on my own, He will not intrude. God knows when He is unwanted. However, I should beware of this: If God leaves me on my own, I too could enter a downward spiral—and end up like Saul!


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