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“God’s Eyesight”

“The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.’”

1 Samuel 16:7

None of us appreciates being judged by people’s imperfect eyesight. However, God’s eyesight is perfect; but it is selective! Rather than focusing on what humans value, His eyes target the heart. Some translations of this verse say the Lord looks in the heart. That makes me wonder what God see IN mine?

Since I always assumed God searched for purity, I have concerned myself with the obvious kind of junk He might find there…like pride or anger, hatred or jealousy, lust or greed, and all the sinful actions that stem from those roots. I knew God would rid my heart of those sins if I asked, and then He would see a pure heart.

However, when the Holy Spirit began to give me some of GOD’s eyesight, I was shocked to discover some ugly attitudes had taken up residence in my heart--complaining, judging, and criticizing! And even more shocking was to realize those attitudes stemmed from my pride, jealousy, and anger!

I am very thankful God does not look IN my heart to judge me. God looks IN because He loves me, and HIS love wants me to be free. So, when I asked, God cleared my heart of the junk He saw IN there, and He replaced it with HIS Truth that DID set me free!


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