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“Portrait of My Heart”

David - Psalm 23

In reviewing snapshots of David’s life, it is easy to see he was a man after God’s heart. However, GOD gave David that title while he was still shepherding his father’s sheep. So, what took place out there on those barren hills where no one was watching but God?

We know from the stories of killing lion and bear that David learned to trust God’s protection. And it’s obvious from the psalms David wrote that the God of power also became his Shepherd. The beauty of that relationship was heard in every song that echoed through those Judean hills, “The Lord is MY Shepherd…I’ll not be afraid for He is close beside me…I’ll live in the house of the Lord forever!” There were no crowds to applaud, yet David faithfully worshiped for an audience of One.

God also takes a portrait of my heart when no one else is watching. I wonder what it reveals--A heart fluttering here and there, or one resting by HIS still waters? A heart concocting its own diet, or one feasting at the table HE prepared? And does that portrait reveal a heart embracing HIS unfailing love that never stops pursuing me?

Portraits tend to unveil details that human eyes miss.

So, in GOD’s portrait, will HE see anything in my heart that resembles HIS?


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