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“Stand Here Quietly”

Now stand here quietly before the Lord as I remind you of all the great things

the Lord has done for you and your ancestors.

Now stand here and see the great thing the Lord is about to do.”

1 Samuel 12:7, 16

As the Israelites crowned Saul their king, they first needed to hear what the Lord HAD done and to see what the Lord WOULD do. So, Samuel’s wise instructions were--stand here quietly!

Standing quietly is not something I do easily, but after hearing Samuel review the history of GOD’s faithfulness to the Israelites, I realize that NOW is especially a good time to review my own history.

A couple months ago, Ron and I celebrated fifty years of marriage. As I stand here quietly, I remember GOD’s faithfulness--His miraculous provisions our first year of marriage when we had to trust Him for every meal--His patient lessons on “pastoring” people with HIS care--His delightful blessing of Amy and Jon--His loving protection in a war-torn country--His absolute miracles through international believers in Nairobi--His faithfulness to teach us multiple cultures--His Shepherd’s care through many dark valleys--and the triumph of HIS strength to finish one last church plant. As I stand here quietly, my heart sings, “All my life YOU have been faithful…With every breath that I am able, I will sing of the goodness of God!”

And I’m thankful Samuel added a second reason to stand quietly--to see the great thing the Lord is about to do! My God is not finished yet!

So, as I watch Him work, I will stand quietly forever, in great awe and wonder!


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