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“Voice Recognition”

“Samuel did not yet know the Lord

because he had never had a message from the Lord before.”

1 Samuel 3:7

The first time I watched my phone type my spoken words, I was so excited…it recognized my voice! Yet even more exciting is when I recognize GOD’s voice!

Samuel needed some Voice recognition. He did not KNOW the Lord because he had never heard His voice! There seems to be a connection between hearing and knowing. How do we know someone if we never listen to them? Yet the more we listen, we learn to recognize that person’s unique voice.

Voice recognition apps are not new. Our Creator wanted relationship with us, but that would require we have tools to communicate, So God gave us hearts with the ability to recognize His voice. However, like all apps, they must first be activated before they can work.

Samuel’s heart was activated when he discovered Who was speaking to him. As his heart responded, his ears began to hear, and from then on, the Lord continued to give him messages (v. 21).

Notice God did not stop speaking when at first Samuel didn’t recognize His voice. God kept on speaking UNTIL Samuel did! And He does the same for us…God packs His Word and His world with special messages and keeps repeating them over and over, until our hearts respond to the sound of His still small Voice.

From then on, we enjoy Voice recognition every day!


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