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“Wings or Walls”

“May the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge,

reward you fully for what you have done.”

Ruth 2:12

Today’s picture is the cover from my favorite Sunday School story. The little chicks who answered their mother’s call were safely protected from the fire…under her wings!

Boaz acknowledged that Ruth had come to take refuge under GOD’s wings. Ruth was a Moabite who had worshiped other gods, but the day she told Naomi, “…your God will be MY God,” she chose, like the little chicks, to run under HIS wings, and THERE Israel’s God became her LORD. (1:16-17)

God longs to gather all His kids “…as a hen protects her chicks beneath her wings…” God’s wings could give us security, but like Jesus said, we don’t let Him. (Luke 13:34). We run away from God’s wings of protection and then build our own walls of protection!

We build firewalls to protect our computers, brick walls to protect our homes, and steel walls to protect our riches. But the most useless walls we build are those to protect our hearts. With each hurt, the walls go higher, and leave us living in fear and loneliness.

God will never force me under His protection. However, IF I choose to live under His wings, I can snuggle close to His heart, and hear the steady beat of His love…something walls could never give me!

The choice is mine…HIS wings or my walls


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